Superior DSP Technology

The digital signal processors (DSP) developed by CVS are powerful and incorporate the latest in digital technology.

The experience garnered over many years is used to continually optimise these algorithms, ensuring the best possible sound quality and keeping CVS at the pinnacle of beamforming advancements.


DSPADSP21469/450 MHz 32 bit, 8 MB, float DSP
FIR Filter8 x 512 Taps beamforming for power amplifier channels + 1024 Taps Master EQ
IIR Filter1 Channel Master EQ
Equalizer8 fully parametrics EQs 
LimiterIntegrated Peak and RMS Limiters with 1ms look-ahead 
DelayAdjustable from 0...2 sec. 
Auto mute functionSwitches off loudspeaker when Signal falls below a user definable Level and time delay. Immediate power on with returning Signal <1 ms
Signal Propagation time/Latency7 MS (1 MS Limiter, 1 MS ADC/DAC, 5 MS beamforming FIR Filter
No. of presets25