The perfect sound is our passion

“Made in Germany”
All CVS loudspeaker systems are designed and developed in Germany and manufactured in our own European production facilities. We currently directly employ over 30 sound engineers and technicians, all of whom strive daily to attain the highest quality levels and to ensure the maximum product life expectancy.

Innovation and Product Quality
In order to achieve our mission of creating the best sound possible in harsh acoustic environments, we invest continually in R&D, both in terms of product performance and company processes.

Outcome-oriented consultation and efficient support
“Caring for you from the cradle to the sale,” is not acceptable for CVS. Whether you are a system integrator, consultant or end user, CVS is here to support you every step of the way. Our CVS Support Centres receive training to our own high standards to assure you of the best in local support, and we are also happy to provide factory-direct support. We actually like talking to our customers, both to offer assistance and to receive product feedback from the field.

The “German Mittelstand”
CVS is proud to be a part of the German Mittelstand. Literally translated, this means “SME” or “small to medium enterprise,” but the spirit of the word Mittelstand goes far beyond that.

CVS is a family-owned firm with a pedigree stretching back more than 60 years (since 1954), and family values certainly form an essential part of the ethos that is Mittelstand. German Mittelstand companies also have a strong pedigree in progressing niche technologies to perfection, and doing so by finely-tuning every commercial and technical process along the way.

Ultimately, CVS can be characterised by a down-to-earth outlook and an unwavering long term commitment to its technology and its customers.