Computer aided simulation of room acoustics

EASE- and CATT-Simulation allow us to accurately predict and optimise the Performance of a System. 

The interaction of a system with the acoustic environment is ultimately what determines a system’s ability to provide good intelligibility and clear sound in challenging spaces. Our advanced algorithms enable us to optimise system performance within a space and careful, considered system design in conjunction with industry standard room acoustics software packages such as EASE and CATT allow us to accurately predict and optimise the performance of a system.

Example: Hildesheim Cathedral STI-Simulation

Fig. 1 shows the plan view of the cathedral with the listening areas marked in red.

Tab. 1 shows the sound concept

PositionNumberTypeSpeaker height off the floor (m)
Nave2Evolutone 30002.1
Aisles2Evolutone 30002.1
Transept2Evolutone 20002.1
Choir2Evolutone 20002.1

Fig. 2 and 3 show the simulation. In this simulation all loudspeakers are powered and all seating areas occupied.